The Founder

Marco Marzocchi

Who am I, what I do, what I believe in.

About me:
my name is Marco Marzocchi

What is my role in the company:
Chief Executive Officer.

What about my studies:
scientific studies and a degree in Political Sciences.

What book I have on the bedside table:
many. But if I have to mention one I say "The Lady of Kashmir" by Francisco Gonzales Ledesma.

What are my passions:
motorbikes, skiing, skateboarding, surfing, wing chun. Not necessarily in this order.

What I love:
snow, waves.

What I can not stand:
people unable to conjugate verbs, the impolites, the latecomers.

What is my favorite fragrance:
Eight & Bob, Jack the mariner.

What I drink:
beer, Absinthe, Moscow Mule.

What I love to eat:
tortellini in capon broth, oysters, salami, grilled meat, dates.

What I can not do without:
the barbecue sauce, the deodorant, a good parfum, the navigator in the car, the fisherman's friend, read before going to sleep, dental floss, a hot shower.

Where you can find me:
in the office, at the usual bar on Friday night with the usual friends, on one of my Harleys, in the usual Kung Fu gym, around with the other members of the Inglorious mariner crew, on skis, on skateboard, surfing at the pier of Forte dei Marmi.

What I dream of:
living in Hawaii, being still 20 years old, travelling the world on a Volkswagen van, skiing from December to March and surfing from April to November.

My motto:
Always be like the sea breaking against the rocks, always find the strength to try again.

Because I think it is important to limit the use of plastics:
because our planet is invaded by this material. Some years ago I had started asking questions related to the enormous quantities of plastic bottles that we used in our productions and how to try to limit this use.

What I decided to do in my company:
to drastically limit the environmental impact of my products, starting from packaging and arriving to the content; I therefore chose recyclable packs and biodegradable products as natural as possible (from 90% to 99.7%).

What is my target:
to get to the "plastic free" in the shortest possible time.

What are my suggestions for limiting your environmental impact:

  • 1. Dispose of properly. Do not just throw it away.
  • 2. Reduce "disposable" products.
  • 3. Reduce the purchase of plastic products.
  • 4. Avoid wasting water when you brush your teeth or shave.
  • 5. Use biodegradable and natural cosmetic products; all that ends up in the sink, in the toilet and in the drains can pollute our seas.
  • 6. Buy products with just a few packages.
  • 7. Reuse empty containers for other uses and give them a second life.