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Where you can buy our products.

Our products can only be purchased in hair salons, beauticians or in authorized stores.

The website is the only channel authorized for online sales in Italy.
(DELTA BKB s.rl. also has another official store on, on which some of our lines are partially available).

Any online sales out of official channels in Italy are carried out by persons not authorized by law.

Products purchased in unauthorized online channels at lowered prices or in any case different from those available on this site, could be non-original, poorly preserved, expired, tampered with or made with unknown ingredients: in these cases we are not responsible for any damage caused to things and / or people.

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Dec 03 ,2019

Save the turtles from the plastic.

Sos turtle: not only nets and hooks, propellers and beaches invaded by cement: plastic is another enemy that suffocates sea turtles and to save the animals in difficulty recovered from the sea and destined to the recovery centers every minute is precious.

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Jun 03 ,2019 Tags : ves, megamenu,

Sea pollution. What to know.

About 71% of the earth's surface is covered with water: seas, oceans, rivers ... the waters for human beings represent life and true survival. Despite this, sea pollution is becoming increasingly serious; present and dangerous for our health and for our planet. But what are the causes of marine pollution? And the remedies? Let's find out.

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Jun 03 ,2019 Tags : add product, magento,

Surf ! Surf ! Surf !

As you know, I'm (also) a great lover of surfing. This sport has taught me a lot and above all has sensitized me to the problems related to the pollution of plastic in our seas. From surf and sea, was born the project called ZERO PLASTICA, linked to our products of the INGLORIOUS MARINER line, which allowed us to achieve the renewal of all our lines in line with this philosophy.

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Jun 03 ,2019

We said no to plastic.

Reducing our environmental impact has become for us a priority. The numbers speak for themselves: only 20% of the used plastic is correctly recycled. And the remaining 80% where does it go? It does not take long to understand that the numbers are catastrophic. The first question that comes to mind is: what can we do to reduce plastic use? The answer is apparently simple but at the same time complicated. Simple because it would be enough not to buy products that have plastic packaging. Complicated because this involves a change in our daily habits. Proposing a cosmetic product in glass packaging is certainly a commercial hazard; many people have heard me say phrases like "but if I drop the bottle in the shower?" or "great product. Of course if it were not in the glass it would be more comfortable ". We remain shocked watching videos about the pollution of the oceans on youtube, but when we have to change our habits everything becomes more complicated. We are so busy in our repetitive daily actions that we can not look any further. So we always find excuses: the discomfort of the glass bottle, the fear (unfounded) that is dangerous if it is used by a child and an innumerable series of problems that do not allow us to make any changes. We threw ourselves in this change because convinced that it is absolutely urgent and necessary. Therefore you will find all our products in glass or aluminum containers and, where possible, completely in plastic free version. Consult the sheets of our products to check the type of bottle material, the closure and the percentage of natural ingredients present in the formulation. Start today to change your habits.

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Jun 03 ,2019 Tags : magento, top 500, ves,

what will happen within 2050?

Within 2050 all the plastic dispersed in the seas could weigh more than all the fish. It is an incredible and strongly alarming fact. But the data seem probable. About 8 million tons of plastic per year, equal to one truck per minute, end up in the oceans; but it seems that in 15 years the quantity will be about twice.

(font: Corriere della Sera)

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Jun 03 ,2019

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