DELTA BKB was born in the 70s in Formigine, in the province of Modena, between nature and architecture.
From the beginning, the company has dedicated all its efforts to study, formulate and produce cosmetics for the private label sector, using exclusively raw materials and natural active ingredients and superior quality.
Thanks to the competent and dynamic team, ready to satisfy all customer requests and to produce innovative and unique cosmetic lines, DELTA BKB over the years has been able to become aware, improve and realize its dreams in the drawer, conquering many countries in the world.
Specializing in the development of professional trichological lines in collaboration with the most important Italian trichological centers, the company over the years has wanted to invest and has become a reference point in the entire field of professional cosmetics.
Today it has more than 3000 formulas created, distributed on 4 continents.

What do we do?

DELTA BKB is a leader in the customized formulation of scientifically tested and naturally effective personal care products.
We produce cosmetics on behalf of third parties for those who wish to sell their beauty and wellness products to the public.
We have technically advanced laboratories that allow us to guarantee a complete service: from the initial concept to the realization of the finished product.
We assist our customers at every stage of the cosmetic manufacturing process, ensuring that we comply with all current regulations through careful and meticulous quality control.

Those who decide to choose Delta BKB will become part of a world in continuous evolution and continuous updating; the passion for cosmetics and the strong love for nature help us and, consequently, will help you to achieve something special.
We aim to support those who choose us and to do so with care and dedication. Our customers become strategic partners for the creation of cosmetics that have always been professional, natural, handmade and entirely Made in Italy.
Our job is not to mix, to fill… Our job is to shape an idea: yours!

What ‌DELTA BKB does

Among the numerous productions, DELTA BKB has more experience in the study and creation of products for skin care, body care, special hair care and formulation for professional use.
We create high quality and innovative products for the world beauty market.

Our goals

Our goal is not only to create something from scratch, but we are oriented in carrying out a project together, making you feel close to the customer and offer complete support in every step that will lead to the final result.
That’s why our products are tailor-made and able to meet the needs and expectations of each of our customers.
Another goal is to develop exceptional products that bring the brand Made in Italy, strictly high quality and sustainable, in order to support the production of cosmetic brands in any country.

Our commitment
  • Listen: we listen to you and take note of your needs.
  • Support: every customer is unique! That’s why we assist you day after day in the development of your project, building a relationship of trust and respect.
  • Identity: create a unique and different identity for each customer to make it emerge on the market.
  • Mission: we want to guarantee our customers innovative and cutting-edge products, 100% Made in Italy and that meet the highest quality standards.
Why choose us

For the constant search for effective and safe raw materials for formulations

For microbiological checks on raw materials and the finished product

For the quality and commitment that we put into our work combined with sustainability and craftsmanship, always our strengths