The cosmetic world of GLAM1965 was born in Formigine and takes shape from the desire of DELTA BKB to expand by creating a line of 100% natural and sustainable products dedicated to the care of the body, hair and face.

GLAM1965 is the result of an intense passion for professional cosmetics and a strong love for nature. Embracing a totally green philosophy, GLAM1965 wants to accompany its customers in a unique beauty care experience, conscious, guaranteed by the seal Made in Italy.

GLAM1965 offers cosmetic lines designed and manufactured by laboratories DELTA BKB designed to meet every need:

  • Trichological treatments | Trichological treatments are the flagship products of GLAM1965. The brand, in fact, has more than 50 years of experience in solving scalp abnormalities. DELTA STUDIO is the professional trichological system composed of six different natural lines from 90 to 99.7% capable of curing the hair from the root.
  • Natural Line |Dedicated to the well-being of the face and body, the Natural Line of GLAM1965 is rich in vegetable oils and extracts.
  • Aloha | The natural line of solar products designed for all outdoor activities, in any season.
  • Integra | For the well-being of the person, GLAM1965 has created a line of natural food supplements.

GLAM1965 has always been attentive to sustainability: all products do not contain chemicals and harmful substances, dyes, derivatives of petroleum and are strictly Cruelty-free. To completely eliminate the use of plastic GLAM1965 chose glass and aluminum for a sustainable packaging.

Choosing the GLAM1965 brand does not mean buying only a quality product, but means choosing a conscious and sustainable lifestyle.