Private Label

DELTA BKB laboratories create customized cosmetic products to give life to your brand.
Experience and professionalism

For over 50 years, the team has been providing a unique service for the production of many scientifically tested cosmetic products for those who dream of selling their own innovative cosmetic lines. We specialize in making beauty care products, natural and high quality, for skin, body and hair care. Specifically, our laboratories deal with the creation of creams and serums, sanitizing gels, face and body masks, shampoos, solid soaps, scrubs, detergents, wipes and cleansing mousse.

At your side at every step

DELTA BKB accompanies its customers at every stage of the construction process that includes:

  • The study of the customized formula and the the actual production of the product
  • The choice of sustainable or classic packaging
  • The realization of laboratory tests
  • The drafting of theP.I.F for each cosmetic product
  • The graphic design of thelabel and the marketing aspect
  • The final stage of packaging of the product

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