Delta BKB: a perfect combination of craftsmanship, sustainability and 100% Made in Italy quality

Founded in Formigine in the province of Modena over fifty years ago, Delta BKB is today a leader in the customized formulation of personal care products, scientifically tested and naturally effective. 100% Made in Italy

Delta BKB, founded in the 70s in Formigine in the province of Modena, is an Italian craft company that studies, formulates and produces private label cosmetics recognized internationally. With a heritage of over 3000 formulas, the company’s cosmetic laboratories are specialized in developing skin care products, body care and special hair care for professional use. Delta BKB puts its experience at the service of all those who want to build a line of natural cosmetics customized on their brand. The principles underlying the work of Delta BKB are: 100% Made in Italy quality, craftsmanship and respect for the environment.

Delta BKB products are designed and manufactured 100% in its Italian headquarters. The company has always pursued the objective of achieving a level of excellence in all the activities carried out by designing and producing its own cosmetic lines in order to ensure the full satisfaction of the customer, both from the point of view of the quality of the products supplied and of the service offered at all levels. Quality means being at the service of customers, employees and communities, proclaiming high standards and putting them into practice everyday. Quality means meeting needs and exceeding expectations, while continuing to improve. Working for quality means producing excellent cosmetics and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Delta BKB is strongly linked to the concept of natural: it chooses, in fact, accurately only raw materials and active ingredients of vegetable or biological origin. Over the years, this philosophy has been strengthened by combining all this with a continuous search for ecological materials, choices related to the recycling of the containers used, transforming the company into what it is now: a perfect combination of natural products, recyclable packaging and creation of essential and environmentally friendly support materials. Delta BKB brings its customers’ ideas to success, respecting the environment and ensuring high quality artisanal products. Delta BKB also has a lot of experience in terms of plastic-free packaging for those companies that want to do their part for environmental protection at any cost.

Delta BKB has technically advanced laboratories that allow it to guarantee a complete service: from the initial concept to the realization of the finished product. The company accompanies its partners at every stage of the cosmetics creation process, making sure to comply with all the regulations and restrictions in force, through ‌accurate quality control. For Delta BKB, the customer base is a strategic partner: the combination of forces is an important means of creating valuable products. Fundamental is, therefore, the generation of an affinity relationship with the customer to keep constantly updated on the progress of the project and to simplify and make the collaboration more enjoyable, mainly during the central phase of production of cosmetics, where a careful analysis of the requests, preferences of the customer is made and only then will be passed to the production that will perfectly coincide with the wishes of the customer.

Craftsmanship + sustainability + quality are therefore the inspiration concepts for each Delta BKB project that accompany it from design to implementation.