The importance of cosmetic packaging according to Delta BKB


If you are thinking about launching your own cosmetics line, you know how challenging and complex it can be to put all the pieces of the puzzle together. From formulating the formula to designing the packaging, from production to distribution, there are so many details to take care of that it can feel like a real maze. But don’t worry, we are here to make everything simpler and more exciting! Delta BKB is the perfect partner for creating your customized cosmetics line. With years of experience in the industry and a natural passion for beauty, we are ready to provide you with our expertise and dedication.

Choosing the right packaging, after the cosmetic formula, is a crucial aspect in creating successful cosmetic products. Packaging plays a vital role in attracting consumer attention and communicating the product’s value. Well-designed packaging can capture consumers’ imagination, generate interest and encourage purchase. Moreover, packaging is a powerful communication tool that allows companies to convey their brand message and the values associated with the product. Delta BKB fully understands the importance of this phase and offers a wide range of packaging options to meet specific customer needs. From using sustainable and recyclable materials to innovative and eye-catching designs, the company collaborates with customers to create packaging that reflects the brand’s identity and grabs consumers’ attention.

The role of packaging in the cosmetics world

Cosmetic packaging plays a fundamental role as the first impression often determines whether a product will be purchased or not. The goal of cosmetic product packaging is to preserve the product’s properties and communicate its identity.

Many consumers associate cosmetics not only with fragrances and makeup but also with well-being, relaxation and body care. Therefore, eye-catching packaging can increase sales by attracting customers.

People are more likely to choose products with visually appealing and elaborate packaging compared to a simple box without any special features. Creativity is key and there are no limits.

The choice of cosmetic packaging must be made carefully. Here are some points to consider:

  • Visual Impact. Packaging should stand out and attract attention compared to other products. If our packaging can evoke emotions, the desire to own that product and brand will increase in consumers.
  • Brand Identity. Packaging should promote and strengthen the brand. The brand logo should be the most prominent element in terms of weight and importance as it represents the brand’s identity.
  • Easy Transport and Opening. The closure systems should be practical. The consumer should immediately know how to use the product and do so in a simple manner. Pay attention to dimensions, weight, and shape.
  • Consistency with Brand Colors, Style, and Personality. Consumers look for brands they can connect with. The selected colors and style should be harmonious and consistent with the brand’s identity.
  • Product Preservation and Protection. Packaging serves to preserve the product’s properties and protect it from impacts or falls during transportation.
  • Environmental Respect. The cosmetic industry is increasingly moving towards eco-friendly choices and adopting an eco-sustainable approach to production. Ecological cosmetic packaging is an excellent option if you think innovatively. Look for recyclable, biodegradable or easily refillable packaging options.
  • Balance Between Empty Space and Information. Packaging should not be chaotic but should include all necessary information, such as product features, ingredients and instructions for use.
  • Secondary Packaging. If present, it becomes the main means of communication with the consumer. It should include the cosmetic’s composition, the quantity of the product, the company name, the PAO symbol, any warnings required by regulations, the indication of the country of origin and marketing promises that motivate the purchase.
  • Ratio of Full and Empty Space. It relates to the quantity of product inside the packaging or the space between the product and the secondary packaging.

It is important to consider these points when designing a product’s packaging, avoiding deceiving or disappointing the public, especially those who are conscious not only of their beauty and health but also of sustainability.

Logo and label graphics ideation

Delta BKB also offers logo and label graphics ideation services. The visual aspect of cosmetic products is crucial in attracting consumer attention and creating a recognizable brand image. The company collaborates with its clients to create a logo and label graphics that reflect the brand’s identity and capture the essence of the products. With a team of creative designers, Delta BKB can transform clients’ ideas into captivating and professional designs. The goal is to create an engaging visual experience for consumers, resulting in increased sales and brand loyalty.

Customized, eco-friendly and made in Italy cosmetics

Delta BKB continues to be at the forefront of the third-party cosmetics industry. Its ability to offer customized services, from formulation to packaging and graphics creation, makes it a reliable partner for companies wishing to create a unique and 100% Made in Italy cosmetics line. Italy is known for its tradition and excellence in cosmetic production. Choosing a made in Italy cosmetic product guarantees quality, authenticity and compliance with current regulations. Delta BKB works closely with Italian suppliers of cosmetic ingredients, ensuring products made with high-quality raw materials. Made in Italy production translates into a competitive advantage for companies aiming to offer consumers authentic, well-crafted and safe products.

Through solid industry experience and a state-of-the-art cosmetic laboratory, the company can develop and produce high-quality cosmetics. Customers can rely on Delta BKB to deliver customized products formulated with carefully selected ingredients. The company provides a team of experts who collaborate with clients to meet all their requirements, ensuring that the products reflect their vision and goals.

The choice of sustainable packaging options demonstrates Delta BKB’s commitment to environmental sustainability and meets the needs of companies interested in reducing the environmental impact of their products.

Discover why relying on Delta BKB can be the best choice for the success of your cosmetics company.