Cosmetic Safety and Efficacy: In-Depth Analysis of Production Tests with Delta BKB to the Highest Quality Standards


When it comes to producing cosmetics, safety and efficacy are paramount. Before they are introduced to the market, cosmetics must undergo a series of rigorous tests to ensure they are safe for human use. At Delta BKB, a leading third-party cosmetic manufacturer, the primary commitment is to deliver high-quality products that meet customer expectations.

In this article, we will explore a range of essential tests that Delta BKB can provide to its clients through partnerships with accredited laboratories to ensure that the manufactured cosmetics are safe and highly effective. These tests include the Patch Test, Challenge Test, Nickel Test, PAO Test, Stability Test and Accelerated Stability Test. Delta BKB’s staff possesses the expertise and resources necessary to conduct these tests in accordance with industry standards.

Patch Test: Safety First

One of the most important tests to assess the safety of cosmetics is the Patch Test. This procedure involves applying a small amount of the product to the skin of human volunteers. Typically, a sensitive area such as the forearm or the back is chosen. The product is left on for a specified period of time and then the skin reaction is evaluated. This test helps identify any allergens or irritants present in cosmetics, enabling manufacturers to make necessary changes to ensure product safety.

Challenge Test: Assessing Antimicrobial Efficacy

Challenge Test, or challenge testing, aims to assess the antimicrobial effectiveness of cosmetics. During this test, cosmetics are exposed to various colonies of bacteria or fungi to determine whether the preservatives in the product can prevent unwanted microbial growth.

Nickel Test: Safety for Sensitive Individuals

Nickel Test is particularly important for cosmetic products applied to the skin, such as creams or makeup products. This test is conducted to detect the presence of nickel, a metal that can cause allergic reactions in sensitive individuals. Products that exceed the allowed nickel concentration threshold could be hazardous for people with nickel allergies.

PAO Test: Shelf Life

PAO Test (Period After Opening) provides information about the period during which a cosmetic product can be safely used after it’s been opened. This test establishes the product’s expiration date, allowing consumers to use it responsibly. The PAO test takes into account various factors such as the product’s formulation, the preservatives use, and recommended storage conditions.

Stability Testing

Stability Testing is a fundamental process in the cosmetics industry aimed at evaluating the durability and integrity of products over time. This test involves exposing cosmetics to various environmental conditions, such as temperature variations, humidity, and light, to simulate the possible situations to which the products may be exposed during their shelf life. The main goal of the stability test is to ensure that cosmetics maintain their efficacy, safety, and original appearance over time, without undergoing undesirable alterations such as changes in color, odor, consistency, or efficacy degradation. The results of stability testing play a crucial role in ensuring the quality and reliability of cosmetic products before they are made available on the market for consumer use.

Accelerated Stability Testing

Accelerated Stability Testing is an essential process for assessing the resistance and durability of products over a short period of time. This method involves exposing cosmetics to more extreme environmental conditions than normal, such as high temperatures and humidity fluctuations, to rapidly simulate the potential aging effects on the products. The main goal of the test is to quickly detect any undesirable changes, such as alterations in consistency, color, odor or effects on performance. While it cannot entirely replace traditional long-term stability testing, accelerated stability testing provides timely insights into critical aspects of cosmetic formulation and helps improve the overall quality of products before they reach consumers.

Delta BKB’s Commitment to Safety and Quality: Specialized Laboratory and Trained Staff at Your Service

Thanks to our specialized cosmetic laboratory and highly trained staff, we at Delta BKB are capable of conducting the tests described in this article. With meticulous attention to detail and the use of the latest testing technologies and methodologies, we meet our clients’ needs to bring only safe and effective products to the market.

Consumer safety is at the heart of everything we do. The tests described, along with other in-depth analyses performed in our laboratory, allow us to accurately assess the effectiveness, skin compatibility, stability and safety of the cosmetics we produce. Our priority is to ensure that our clients can offer high-quality products that inspire consumer trust.

At Delta BKB, we believe in the importance of establishing a strong partnership with our clients. We work closely with them to fully understand their unique needs and specific objectives. Our philosophy is built on collaboration and transparency, creating a close synergy with our clients.

From the beginning of the product development phase to its market launch, we offer comprehensive support. We provide our expertise and experience to advise our clients in the formulation process, while adhering to current regulations and industry trends.

We are aware that our clients have unique and specific requirements for their brands and products. Therefore, we adapt to their requests, customizing our services to meet their expectations and ensure maximum satisfaction.

Throughout the production journey, we collaborate with our clients to ensure that each phase is executed with care and precision. Constant communication, information sharing and mutual feedback are key elements of our approach.

At Delta BKB, we also believe in the importance of producing sustainable and natural cosmetics. We recognize the growing demand from consumers for eco-friendly and environmentally-responsible products. For this reason, we offer the opportunity to create a line of 100% natural and sustainable cosmetic products.

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